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Sep 03

Fall right in your lap

Fall right in your lap

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Aug 29

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is Back

So sure you guys were thinking the actual 90s’ hit Fresh Prince starring  Will Smith was coming back, but we got the closest best thing. These Bel-Air Air Jordans are probably one of the illest colorways for the Jordan V yet. These Vs incorporate some of the exact colors used in the show title along with some other colors that complement the shoe oh so very well. If you possess a keen eye for detail then you will have already noticed the Jumpman on the left sneaker is neon, while the right is pink. In addition to the Jumpman differences, the 23 on the left shoe encompasses neon numbers along with a blue outer layer on the number, while the right shoe has a pink 23 along with a neon outer layer. How about these for eye candy? The expected date for their release is October 5th. These are a must cop. 

Jun 18


Jun 03

Something thoughtful

What are you doing selflessly these days? Have you done anything lately? Have you done anything today? How about yesterday? Ruminating on the instances when someone has assisted me whether it was a helping hand, friend coming through in the clutch, or inspiring words when i least expected anyone to come aid me, brings me a great feeling of gratitude. Are there any occurrences you can recall where someone came to your rescue when the only thought on your mind was hopelessness. Giving is one of the most precious acts of selflessness we can commit, especially when we know there are no rewards, no one to observe or prize being given on commending these deeds. When others in need acquiesce the services of people in a respectful manner it gives so much more justification on both ends of the spectrum, the Giver and the Receiver. The Giver is helping because it is in their heart to do so. The Receiver doesn’t even ask for help and is reluctant to procure the services of the Giver. It is simply an earnest interaction and exchange. Try to do more of these acts that will get you no praise or recognition. The world needs it. You need it. I need it. 

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