Wise words from a decent man

Things i’ve learned this week by living

1. “I don’t know i just do it” is a valid excuse in my mind.
2. Law of attraction is very much a reality
3. Love life
4. Get closer to God
5. We all know how to be successful yet we engage in negative affirmations.
6. Think as you want and become what you see
7. Nate Robinson is under-rated
8. Meditation is almost absolutely necessary.
9. Pursue your passions, anything else is just a slap in your face and the face of God.
10. Negative thoughts foster bad circumstances, even in honest people.
11. Positive thoughts foster good circumstances, even to dishonest people. 12. I am the master of my fate 13. Today my methods of thinking will change. 14. Relationships make life so much sweeter. 15. I miss soccer! 16. Being a man is something you learn and experience. It is not done by your hands alone. 17. Speak it into existence. 18. Creativity runs in my family. 19. I was born to right. 20. My life has meaning and i am important to God. The people around me need my presence.

This ones for the Bapestas


Look at how far you’ve come! I can admit when I was first introduced to camouflage the thought of ridiculousness and mockery of a bunch of army go hards that had sold their souls to the devil himself because they joined the army, involuntarily ran its short course through my mind. Honestly, the only occurrences where I would see those different shaded greens, browns and blacks were on the television show Mash, which was televised more frequent than any child between the ages of five to ten would have liked to see. A decade plus later and an incalculable amount of notches turned up on the steez, society and myself included, have conformed to be heavy rockers of the fatigue, in every shape, form and style of fashion. Most street wear brands now days all have one similarity in their designs, camo patterns. Brands like 10 Deep, Bellfield, LDRS, Levi, and Obey just to name a few, all have vast artillery in there army bunker of shorts, tees, belts, button downs, jackets, and hats all equipped with that greezy pattern we love so much with these brands but who broke the mold for these brands. What brands can we say really outdid that pattern and innovated different styles with traditional and untraditional camouflage patterns? I solely give accreditation to the Bapster and Milo creators in the game. Years and years ago, A Bathing Ape was given birth by Tokyo fashion designer Nigo, and has now developed into an multi-million dollar brand with store locations dipped and situated comfortably in Asia, Europe, and America. Sure Bape isn’t as blazing hot as it was a half decade ago, but trust me, you don’t maintain stores worldwide with no source of internal and external revenue coming in. “Yall must have forgot!” in my Roy Jones, Jr. voice from that single we all wish we had forgot, after an ineffectively and weak attempt of a visual representation of the song back in the day, that “Bathing Ape hoodies and Bathing tennis shoes” use to be in every rappers lyrics, including Wayne. It was also in the closets of teens & adults and on the hoods & feet of my fellow high school classmates. This is no pretentious attempt to throw shade on those other brands and highlight Bape but to merely pay homage to one of the best to do it. We’ll see how many biters take the bate after they read this or see my future Bape purchases, in order to say they took initiative to bring em back. Oh well, GoodLuck!      


"Fashion is more than what and how your sartorial compositions assemble, your look should exude how you feel without you speaking a word."-ME